Product Discription

Model:  WFB18AC-5
Engine:  single cylinder 2-cycle
Power:  2.6KW/3.5hp
Displacement:  70cc
Bore X stroke:  47x40mm
Carburetor:  float type
Ignition:  electronic magneto ignition
Spark plug:(suppressed):  equivalent to Bosch W8AC or Champion L88/288 or similar
Spark Plug Thread:  M14x1.25; 11mm long
Fuel Tank Capacity:  1.4L
Solution Tank:  20L
Dosage Control:  4-position liquid dosage control, incorporation liquid on-off control and throttle lever
Max. Air Velocity:  100m/s
Max. Blower Output:  11.33m3/min
Mist output reach:  horizontal approx. 11.6m, Vertical approx. 9.5m
Pressure Level LWA av to EN11200:  108 dB(A)
Medium Value of Oscillation Acceleration on Handle to EN286621-1:  <6.3m/s2
Net Weight:  11.5kg
Gross Weight:  13.4kg
Packing size: 470x330x760mm